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Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Deadline: March 16, 2024

Location: O'Neill's Music House

Fee: $30 per student​


The Allen Fleming competition for outstanding students in grades 7-12 is divided as follows:

Level II - 7th and 8th grades

Level III - 9th and 10th grades

Level IV - 11th and 12th grades

Cash awards will be given to the top three students in each level as follows:

First Place - $75

Second Place - $50

Third Place - $35

The first place winner will not be eligible to participate in the same level again, but they will have the opportunity to audition for the judges and receive their critique on their performance. In order to be named a winner, the student must be awarded a minimum performance score of 60. The Ethel Tison Award will go to the student who gives the most musical performance. This student will receive a sterling silver medallion. All awards will be given by the end of competition day. 

Print all your adjudication forms (performance form and keyboard skills form Type your student's name, and the name of their pieces.

Mail or drop off adjudication forms and a check (make one check payable to BRMTA) to Christine Lien by March 16. 

Performance: Two pieces from contrasting periods. Time limits will be enforced. All levels - 10 minutes.

Sight Reading: May be in any key and may include any rhythmic pattern. Maximum time for review is 1 minute.

Keyboard: Scales only. Minimum metronome requirements for Rally will be observed. However, superiority will be rewarded.

Level II: 2 scales (one major, one minor from Rally Syllabus Level II)

Level III: 3 scales (one major, one minor, one black key major from Rally Syllabus Level III)

Level IV: 3 scales (one major, one minor, one black key minor from Rally Syllabus Level IV)

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