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Rules for Registration

  •   Teachers must email all registration forms to the chairman of the event; entries sent to         incorrect email addresses will not be accepted.

  •   Any entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

  •   All entries must be typed; handwritten forms will not be accepted.

  •   All registration fees must be postmarked or received by the registrtion deadline.

  •   No changes to entries are allowed once submitted.

  •   Registration fee is required for all students entered, even if student does not attend the event.

                                            Teacher Work Requirements

  • Teachers are required to work if entering students.

  •  If the teacher is unable to work the event, a $75 substitution fee must be paid with the students' registration fee at the registration deadline or the teacher may provide a substitute worker who is 18 years of age and who is available for the entire day of work assigned. The chairman may contact you to provide a substitute fee and a worker if entering more than 10 students. The event chairman must be notified of the sub at the time of registration, and the substitute must be approved by the chairman.

  • Teachers must be punctual when working events. Any teacher who does not work the entire length of the designated work time (arriving late or leaving early) will have his/her students disqualified.

  • If a teacher does not pay the $75 substitution fee by the registration deadline, and does not work the event, those teacher’s students will be disqualified.


                                                      Rules for Students


  •   No photocopies are allowed.

  •   An original score must be provided for the judge.

  •   Students are not allowed to practice in School of Music or Music & Dramatic Arts buildings    during competitions. If students are found practicing, they will be disqualified.

         Thank you for helping these events take place and run smoothly! 

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